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=Winter Photo=

Welcome to our Site

Photographer Virginia Winter is used to looking at the world through the lens of her camera. In fact, it as much a part of her daily wardrobe as glasses are to someone near or far-sighted. It helps her to see everything from people to nature from a different and unique perspective. When Virginia is able to capture that perspective in a photo, she is able to share that moment with her viewers.

Virginia lives in Alexandria, BC and loves her rural lifestyle. Here, she gets to enjoy the best of two worlds. She lives each day surrounded by the quiet tranquility of nature and some of the most impressive scenery in the Cariboo. Virginia is also close enough to Williams Lake, McLeese Lake, Kersley, Quesnel, Cottonwood House, Wells and Barkerville that she is able to take pictures and design postcards and more for all this beautiful places.

Our Story

Based in the Cariboo, BC, photographer Virginia Winter draws much inspiration for her work from her spectacular rural surroundings. When it comes to photography, no bird is too small, no mountain is too big. Virginia catches them all, displaying many of its gorgeous pictures of local sites, nature and wildlife on postcards, calendars, magnets, mugs, bags and many other items. These and other works by Virginia Winter are available locally at the Quesnel Cariboo Keepsakes, Cottonwood House, Barkerville at the Eldorado during Summer and at different markets during the year. In addition to her iconic BC “wild west” nature photography, Virginia also provides property photography for realtors and house sellers as well as advertising photography and design for small businesses and non-profit organizations.

Winter Photo has a supply of prints for sale and even offers canvas and poster prints. 

Gift certificates are also available.

Winter Photo is a member of the Quesnel Art Gallery and the Quesnel Crafter’s Society.

Story Part 1

I pick one of my cameras - it doesn't matter which one.

Story Part 2

In the right place at the right time.

Story Part 3

Select a product -> design -> add picture = done.

Story Part 4

After one week it is available for sale at the 

Cariboo Keepsakes Local Arts and Crafts in Quesnel. 

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